Cancellation Guarantee

How Can We Help?

We're determined to lend a helping hand

ClubConnect understands the annoyance of losing bookings and money due to unforeseen circumstances

By letting the ClubConnect reservations team know about your circumstances and inability to attend your experience, we'll endeavour to provide a full refund. The majority of refunds will be debited back into your account within 24 to 48 hours, however, this will depend on your individual bank.


Come down with an illness? Grab the phone when you grab the tissues and we'll help you back on the road to recovering your money.

Cancelled Flight

Stranded in the airport? Don't add the stress by losing your money on pre-paid experiences, let us help ease the load.

Extreme Weather

Weather got you down? We'll pick up your spirits with a refund or reschedule.


In the case of a lossed love one, call the ClubConnect team to help sort out your claim.

Terms & Conditions


Please note: this is not travel insurance

  • If your booking is within the next 48 hours, please notify us as soon as possible on (07) 5606 0192 to discuss your request. Alternatively you may Email us and can expect to receive a response within 48 hours.

  • Notifications to be made during business hours; 8.30am to 5pm AEST

  • The Cancellation Guarantee does not cover change of mind or products that cannot be booked for a certain date, such as theme park tickets (often referred to as "non-bookable products").

  • All claims and decisions are at the discretion of ClubConnect

  • Excludes experiences in New Zealand

  • In case of sickness, a medical certificate will be required

Cancelled Flights
  • In case of flight cancellations appropriate documentation will be required

Extreme Weather
  • In case of extreme weather, the operator will initiate this cancellation

  • If you are unable to arrive at the destination due to extreme weather you'll need to notify ClubConnect

  • If the tour is running or attraction is open, a refund will not be given

  • Bereavement claims will be at the discretion of ClubConnect

How To Make A Claim

It's simple, just get in contact with us during business hours to discuss your claim options. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.